February 28, 2016

A big Congratulations to Tanja Hofmann and Linda Duan who passed their black belt test at JKA England National Course and Dan Grading at Grantham.


We have added Tanja and Linda to our list of JKA Black Belts


February 7, 2016

JKA England Instructors' Qualifications Tests at Egham are certainly not easy! 

December 29, 2015

Congratulations the the following award winners for 2015:


  • Student of the Year Man: Simon Woollatt

  • Student of the Year Lady: Natasha Pratley

  • Student of the Year Girl  Over 10’s:     Anna Cloke

  • Student of the Year Girl   10 or under:   D...

December 5, 2015

A very big congratulations to Joshua who passed his black belt test and Weston-Super-Mare!


November 16, 2015

With Sensei Gary Stewart (6th Dan JKA). 


Congratulations to the 34 students that graded. 


Sensei Gary was born in Kensington London in 1957. He started training at the age of twelve at the local boxing club in Pimlico. In 1973 Gary had his first karate lesson at a Dojo...

October 31, 2015

Congratulations to all our medal winners!

Darcy - Bronze in kata.
Georgia - Silver in kata
Darcy - Bronze in kumite
Georgia - Gold in kumite
Joshua Harrison - Bronze in kumite
Helena - Silver in kumite

July 18, 2015

Congratulations to the following:

Hannah Wilson – Kata – BRONZE

Christopher Appleby – Kumite – BRONZE

Tabitha Hall – Kumite – BRONZE

Joeille Alfhaily – Kumite – BRONZE

Grace Harrison – Kumite – SILVER

Helena Chan – Kumite – SILVER

Koshi Saito – Kumite – GOLD


July 13, 2015


Congratulations to:

Koshi Saito – 1st Kyu
Majer Bickmore – 1st Kyu
Jacob Woollatt – 2nd Kyu
Taaliya Leigh -2nd Kyu
Grace Harrison – 3rd Kyu
Charu Metcalfe – 3rd Kyu
Kazuma Purchase – 4th Kyu
John Robb – 4th Kyu
Joeille Alfhaily – 4th Kyu
Amity Saunders – 4th Kyu

May 3, 2015

Congratulations to ANNA CLOKE and SAM PRICE who both passed their first Dan Black Belt gradings under the JKA England Chief Instructor - Sensei Y. Ohta (7th Dan) and Sensei Omura (7th Dan) – Chief Instructor to JKA Thailand.The Grading was held after a 3-hour training...

February 16, 2015

Congratulations to Joe Battersby on passing his black belt grading on the 14th February at the Copperbox, London. Well done!!!!