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Course and Kyu Grading July 2007

July 13, 2007


It was Colchester JKA Karate Club’s first Kyu Grading which was held on 12th July. Sensei Adel Ismail (JKA 5th Dan) took the lesson concentrating on basic techniques, kumite and kata. The grading was conducted afterwards, congratulations to the following:


Ernst Theron 1st Kyu
Hefer Theron 1st Kyu
Darren Gregory 5th kyu
Jay Wroe-Brown 5th kyu
Jack Simpson 5th kyu
Shauna Walsh 6th kyu
Sophie Fairbank 6th kyu
James Fairbank 6th kyu
Pravesh Cahoolessur 7th kyu
William Stone 7th kyu
James Gomm 7th kyu
Charlotte Jordan 7th kyu
Callum Pincombe 7th kyu
Janet Smith 7th kyu
Liam Richards 7th kyu
Liam Morton-Beary 7th kyu
Devina Cahoolessur 8th Kyu
Niharika Pore 8th Kyu
Victoria Tracey 8th Kyu
William Tracey 8th Kyu
Kieran Hood 8th Kyu
Conor Reynolds-Wright 8th Kyu
Jess Wright 9th kyu
Peter Lacey 9th kyu
Darnell Walker 9th kyu
James Lacey 9th kyu

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