First Time? We were all beginners once!

Joining Colchester JKA is easy, just come along to any lesson. If you’re unsure if karate is for you feel free to watch a lesson or two before you join in.


We will invite you to fill in an online form before your first lesson, just to let us know whether you have any injuries, medical conditions that we should be aware of and emergency contact details.

We offer ONE FREE WEEK. If you have taken your trial lessons, but still unsure (as we know karate’s not for everyone!) let us know and we can arrange some more pay as you go sessions for you.

What do I wear?

We train barefoot so all you will need to wear is light loose clothing, tracksuit trousers or shorts and a t-shirt will be fine. Bring some water for afterwards.

Thinking of joining?

We offer a value for money Beginners Pack which includes a FREE SUIT and a MONTHS Training and JKA ENGLAND ANNUAL LICENCE FEE.

Monthly Membership

After the Beginner's Pack - We have a value for money Monthly Membership Scheme unlimited training £35 per month. We accept payment via Direct Debit. Please see our membership costs and family discounts.

How to tie a belt

It’s easy once you get the hang of it!

Our grading system

We encourage training twice a week so to reach the standard required for grading.

We are graded by JKA England Examiners, 3 times a year, most people will not grade every time.

Contact Info

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