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Japan Karate Association (Japan)
Official website for the Japan Karate Association, Tokyo, Japan.


JKA Europe

Official website for the JKA in Europe.

JKA England

Official website for the JKA in England.


Oasis SKC

Leading Dojo of the Japan Karate Association England. Evening and Lunch time classes with JKAE Chief Instructor, Sensei Y Ohta.


Yushikai Karate Academy

Fellow JKAE Academy, main dojo based in Billericay, Essex. Chief Instructor is Sensei Dave Paulus (4th Dan).


Ataru SKC

Ataru Shotokan Karate Club is based on the borders of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Chief Instructor is Sensei Jamie Thomson (3rd Dan).


Ipswich Shotokan Karate Club

Fellow JKAE Karate club based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Chief Instructor is Sensei Jon Donohoe (3rd Dan).


Tairyoku SKC

The only JKA club in Buckinghamshire. Chief Instructor Lester Wellington 4th Dan. Dojos throughout the county.


Japanese Translator

Want to know how to write your name in Japanese?

Colchester Martial Arts Alliance




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