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Training Fees



2-3 times a week

Individual Member: £36

Family discounts are available

We recommend training at least twice a week to progress through the grading system

Light Membership
once class a week

Individual Member: £18

The ‘Light plan’ is only recommended for beginners.

Once students reach intermediate level they should consider training twice a week to make good progress.

Light plan members can also pay for additional classes in addition to their inclusive class.

Pay-as-you-go fees

If you prefer to pay for individual classes, rather than pay monthly.

Beginers classes: £4.50

Intermediate classes: £5.50

Advanced classes: £6.00

Family Discounts

Standard Plans only

Two family members: 15% off

Three family members: 20% off

Four or more family members: 25% off (your fourth member is effectively free!)

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