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Grading Success – 25 March 2007

Sensei Ohta (JKAE Chief Instructor) was back in Essex on Sunday 25th March for a special training course & kyu grading. The course proved popular with well over 100 dedicated karate-ka in attendance for Sensei’s lesson with many participating in the grading that followed.

Sensei Ohta’s lessons proved a big hit with JKAE members, a higher grades lesson concentrated on kumite and the kata Jion.This was followed by a general class covering all basic techniques, kata and kumite.

The overall standard of all Essex clubs were extremely high, congratulations to the following Colchester members:

Hefer Theron 2nd kyu Ernst Theron 2nd kyu Amy Walsh 6th kyu Darren Gregory 6th kyu Shauna Walsh 7th kyu Sophie Fairbank 7th kyu James Fairbank 7th kyu Connor Deakin 8th kyu Pravesh Cahoolessur 8th kyu William Stone 8th kyu Callum Webster 8th kyu Marie Walsh 8th kyu (double graded) James Gomm 8th kyu (double graded) Robin Wroe-Brown 9th kyu Lewis Calver 9th kyu Devina Cahoolessur 9th kyu Niharika Pore 9th kyu Victoria Tracey 9th kyu William Tracey 9th kyu Kieran Hood 9th kyu Conor Renolds-Wright 9th kyu

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