November Club Course and Kyu Grading Results

We were pleased to welcome Sensei Roy Tomlin 5th Dan JKA for the first time to our club.

Congratulations to the following:

Pravesh Cahoolessur – 1st Kyu Rhys Barber (Pocket Rocket!) – 1st Kyu Joe Battersby – 1st Kyu Linda Duan – 1st Kyu Grace Duan – 1st Kyu Sam Heap – 2nd Kyu Mary Bollan – 3rd Kyu Kat Crosthwaite – 3rd Kyu Sophie Bickmore – 3rd Kyu Sunny Duan – 3rd Kyu Gareth Evans – 3rd Kyu Phoebe Hennessy – 3rd Kyu Sophie Skinner – 3rd Kyu Eirys Proselkov – 6th Kyu Paul Stockwell – 6th Kyu Toby Stockwell – 7th Kyu Isa Kulkarni – 7th Kyu Dmitry Proselkov – 7th Kyu Oscar Ryland – 8th Kyu Majer Bickmore – 8th Kyu Ben Mottershaw – 8th Kyu Ibrahim Kulkarni – 8th Kyu (Double-graded)

Well done all!

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