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Club Grading Results

Sensei Adel Ismail was the examiner, and commented on our good standard. Congratulations to all that passed their gradings – the results are as follows:

Phoebe Hennessy – 2nd Kyu Connor Danylenko – 2nd Kyu Gareth Evans – 2nd Kyu Dave Evans – 2nd Kyu Kat (Kate!!) Crosthwaite – 2nd Kyu Sue Burke-Scott – 2nd Kyu Steve Danylenko – 3rd Kyu Euan Piper – 3rd Kyu Sam Price – 4th Kyu Emily Price – 6th Kyu Isa Kulkarni – 6th Kyu Joseph Skaria – 7th Kyu Oscar Ryland – 7th Kyu Majer Bickmore – 7th Kyu Michaela Augustine – 8th Kyu (Double graded!) Saif Rahman – 9th Kyu Lemuel Melchizadeck – 9th Kyu Alex Coulter – 9th Kyu Jared Coulter – 9th Kyu Ruby Coulter – 9th Kyu

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