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Kyu Grading Success with Sensei Adel Ismail

Colchester JKA Karate Club welcomed JKA England’s technical committee member, Sensei Adel Ismail (5th Dan JKA) to the winter grading at St Benedict’s College recently.

Students that attended the brown and black belt class were trained in kata, the second class was even more popular, students filled the whole hall.

This was our biggest ever grading and we were honoured to have the experience of Sensei Adel visit our club again, the atmosphere at the classes was amazing. Jaz Eaton and Matteo Zambon did exceptionally well, Jaz double-graded and Matteo triple-graded.

The grading comenced afterwards, congratulations to the following:

Helena CHAN – 1st Kyu Joshua HARRISON – 1st Kyu Dave HOPKINSON – 2nd Kyu Shazia JAUFARALLY – 2nd Kyu Nadia JAUFARALLY – 2nd Kyu Isa KULKARNI – 2nd Kyu Dana WOOD-NORMAN – 3rd Kyu Emily PRICE – 3rd Kyu Eirys PROSELKOV – 3rd Kyu Amber WAKEFIELD – 3rd Kyu Ben McSWEENEY – 3rd Kyu Tanja HOFMANN – 3rd Kyu Clare HOPKINSON – 3rd Kyu Majer BICKMORE – 4th Kyu Ibrahim KULKARNI – 4th Kyu Saif RAHMAN – 4th Kyu Mo JAUFARALLY – 5th Kyu Fai JAUFARALLY – 5th Kyu Zahra JAUFARALLY – 5th Kyu Kazuma PURCHASE – 6th Kyu Oliver CRISP – 7th Kyu Grace HARRISON – 7th Kyu Taaliya LEIGH – 7th Kyu Charu METCALFE – 7th Kyu Dean SMITH – 7th Kyu Adel YOUSSEF – 7th Kyu Jaz EATON – 7th Kyu (Double graded) Matt ZAMBON – 7th Kyu (Triple graded) Jacob WOOLLATT – 7th Kyu Joeille ALFHAILY – 8th Kyu Jake McSWEENEY – 8th Kyu Natasha PRATLEY – 8th Kyu John ROBB – 8th Kyu Shayne ALEXANDER – 9th Kyu Christopher APPLEBY – 9th Kyu Isobel BANKS – 9th Kyu Iestyn CORDY-McKENNA – 9th Kyu Louis GALLANT – 9th Kyu Siobhan GREEN – 9th Kyu Aditya MAHESHWAR – 9th Kyu Oliver PIPA – 9th Kyu Amity SAUNDERS – 9th Kyu Hope SAUNDERS – 9th Kyu Fred WALTON – 9th Kyu Simon WOOLLATT – 9th Kyu Matthew GOODAY – 9th Kyu

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