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Club Success at 10th Anniversary Cup Championships

Colchester JKA Karate Club competitors took home EIGHTEEN medals for various categories.The K2 played fabulous hosts for JKA England’s 10th anniversary national championships. An amazing entries from all over England, Scotland, Germany and Norway, took part in what was a fun day for all.Results: 5 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze

Koshi Saito: Gold Kata and Gold Kumite

Matteo Zambon: Gold Kumite and Silver Kata

Isa Kulkarni: Gold Kata

Grace Harrison: Gold Kumite

Dana Wood-Norman: SILVER Kata and SILVER Kumite

Nadia Jaufarally: SILVER Kata – BRONZE Kumite

Helena Chan: SILVER Kumite

Sophie Fairbank: BRONZE Kumite

Eirys Proselkov: BRONZE Kumite

Ibrahim Kulkarni: BRONZE Kumite

Jess Mortimer: BRONZE Kata

Sophie Bickmore: BRONZE Kumite

Emily Graves: BRONZE Kumite

Charlotte Stenning: BRONZE Kata

Colchester JKA came 3rd overall in the medal rankings, but received the MOST medals overall – WELL DONE!!!!

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