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Club Course and Kyu Grading Success

With Sensei Gary Stewart (6th Dan JKA).

Congratulations to the 34 students that graded.

Sensei Gary was born in Kensington London in 1957. He started training at the age of twelve at the local boxing club in Pimlico. In 1973 Gary had his first karate lesson at a Dojo in Swiss Cottage. This came about after seeing a girl perform Khion Kata at a youth club.Swiss Cottage was a little too far to travel so Gary went back to boxing and football.In 1977 a Karate club opened up practically on his doorstep and so he joined. But it wasn’t that good. Finally 1n 1982 Gary found Marshall St SKC, quite by accident. He joined that day and remained until its closure over twenty years later. In that time, under the watchful eyes of Sensei Enoeda and Sensei Ohta, Gary went on to be an important part in the success of the famous Marshall St squad. He was captain of the Marshall St Kumite team on the first two occasions they won the Nationals, this whilst still with the KUGB. Gary also won, at the age of 40 the KUGB individual Southern Area Kumite title. Gary was the last person to win the Individual Kumite title at Sensei Enoeda’s Marshall Street yearly club competition. He was selected by Sensei Enoeda to compete for the JKA- England National team in the European championships.Gary’s own Club, Westminster, has produced many National Champions. Some have gone onto become European medallist and Champions.Former coach of the JKA England National squad, he continues to teach and train as enthusiastically as his first day.

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